Triumph in the Skies could be less stupid if Sam had less intimacy with that freakin ugly Belle darn it until the last episode they had the most sensual and most frequent scenes what the hell

I get why Zoe and Sam are meant to be… same with Sam and Holiday.

I love Francis Ng with Fala Chen. Sammi Cheng replacing Fala is the bad vibe of the century. Nobody’s perfect for the movie role except Fala Chen and Francis Ng. Plus the gorgeous hunk embodied by Chi Lam. But Fala is the real deal. Sealed like that.

stupid Sam and Belle freaking ahhhh im pissed like that

Ah I didn’t know what to honestly post.

I am too devastated with the passing of my queen lauren bacall. I was just watching ‘the big sleep’ and ‘the angriest man in Brooklyn’ just days ago and boom robin and Lauren are now dead?? Especially with Lauren awww but she has lived a good life. A super beautiful life well-spent. Humphrey should be happy to a reunited with his wife. oh that couple.

I will miss her so much.

Got to watch me some Lauren too ease the pain. I love her so much. rest in peace my love Lauren! You must be so happy with Humphrey up there. Sigh. I should be comforting myself.

I must try not to watch Olivia de Havilland movies. Pls don’t let this happen. I don’t believe in jinx pls.

Triumph 1 and Triumph 2

I remember purchasing s1 on dvd. Now rewatching season 1 of triumph. Thanks to the great success of season 2, which has won me over a thousand times.

My memory for both dramas is fresh now.

It’s a no-brainer guys
Alright I watched both seasons to judge properly and accordingly. Actually what i wanted to say is that both were excellent series, I really wanted to praise both. I wanted to see the gold in both series. Both gosh, dude, season 2 is way and above season 1. It’s not even my opinion anymore. Don’t tell me I prefer s2 over s1 because of the techie thing. Don’t forget I am an avid old Hollywood fan, and I heavily base quality on the plot, dialogue storytelling and emotional impact.

First off, dialog… season 1 disregarded this. Season 2 had strong and rather tight dialog. U will fill ur snapshots with dialog, just their exchange of lines. It’s truly too much. S2’s focus on dialogue was superb. S1 flows on obvious storytelling and obvious, well-expected dialogue, not a bad thing, but can do better. ;-)

Dang, season 2 had heavier content, and the approach was all natural and realistic. I am a screenwriter and i study dialog. I even forgot these were all scripted! It’s just too natural! The character sketch was consistent… (well sam was confusing with separating business and personal, but that’s just how he is since season 1)

And dang just all the feels. U would know his true love for holiday because holiday is actually a cadet pilot, hence sam’s strict attitude and very harsh and tainted stigma towards her. (Oh zoe was not a pilot, sam could not possibly use the pilot card to be mad at her in their relationship so it’s an easier route) and in the end he disregards all these and accepts holiday in all her weakness.

Holiday, in return, sees sam’s weakness and changes him. His change is drastic, according to the SamTong-Meter. He looks happier and wackier. Back then he never incorporated fun with maturity. Holiday proved that being childlike means being able to grow and quickly learn from mistakes… zoe influenced him in this area too, but in an easier channel because zoe does not plan to undergo the cadet-pilot track, which sam thinks he knows best.

And all annoyance in this world when it comes to being boastful about your expertise went to sam tong. But yeah I fangirl over him (especially when he always comes to zoe’s rescue, ahhhh, and loving holiday despite the bewildering opposites-attract sight) but he is just sooooo annoying when it comes to beng mightier-than-thou I am the best Pilot, the coolest there is aura. It’s just annoying. Too much pride. But it’s effective for attraction’s sake.

Captain Cool
Makes it all worth it

Cool is boastful. True true. But when he boasts, let him boast all the way. He is not disguising himself as the patrol peacemaker off-duty, and the omnipotent/omniscient on-duty. Cool is cool as he is, because he takes the emotions of other people to his heart. He has strong empathy, unlike common playboys. He is a prestigious playboy, knowing his women’s unique characteristics and treats them as they deserve to be treated in temporary kindness. Sam, however, has the tendency to disregard the feelings of other people and acts like an objective, impartial man. It’s good if he is meant that way. But the worse thing is, he is a TRYING (TOO) HARD to be “feeling nothing.” He tries hard to be of a robotic heart which filters business from personal matters. Absurd.

Makes me so happy that there was a Captain Cool in season 2 to make Sam Tong look at himself in the mirror and reflect how boastful he is (and good for what), especially in season 1, oh my gosh, his pride is above the heavenlies. Ching is an experienced pilot, but not as airheaded as sam. Thanks Captain Cool for waking Sam up from his senses. But ok my wallpaper for every gadget is still sam. He is a good pilot, and the true one for Holiday Ho Nin-hei. (Sam doesnt have a culture of honor for other pilots, even though they “have control.”)

Did I say my feelings towards flora chan and francis ng? They seemed to have an offscreen affair. I mean really. And I dont like it. I think their intimacy onscreen is just an aftermath. Ha. I think I have my feelings correct on this. I wouldnt mind if francis was myolie or fala’s lover despite the gap. Lol. But flora chan, to heck with it.

Idk I was watching s2 and didn’t expect it’ll do a lot better than s1. The dialog, the one-liners. It’s all bullseye.

And the chemistry
The actual chemistry
Season 2 owned it

I love Sam and Holiday. It’s a match made in heaven, and will stay that way as long as I live. Sam and Holiday will have a special place in my heart… as long as I live!!! Sam and Holiday!!! Francis and Falaaaaaaa!!! Fala and Francissssss!!!

Soundtrack-wise, Eternally Yours by Tim Ellis gives me all the feels. Dang it. Dang it.

Maybe you know the difference between a girlfriend and a female friend, but can you tell love from sympathy? -Jayden

You need to mix and mingle to suit your taste. Same thing applies to women. -Holiday

'Triumph in the Skies: The Movie' will be directed by Wilson Yip, known for directing 'Ip Man' (2008). Cast looking sharp and great. Cast with Francis Ng and Chi Lam sealed my heart. Crew is doing a great job so far, from what I read in the news. Though I would still prefer Fala Chen as lead actress. Myolie Wu, if not Fala. But not a new character introduced, a captain no less.

Cary Grant’s hair and makeup test for North by Northwest (1959). The card reads “HAIR MUSSED + DRUNK”.

Triumph s1 can be tolerated, if it weren’t for this stupid Belle hehehe u call that a face or a clown cosplay? I mean seriously… i dont think she deserves francis ng even for a brief 1 second

S2 all the way

#francis ng   #opinion  

Frankly I don’t see any reason why Francis Ng won best character in triumph season 1. He is a complete disaster. His know-it-all is most annoying. He is objective, yes, but also close minded and rooted to his grounds. his triumph 2 persona is similar, but more distinct and has a more toned down pride. I think he has the potential to win best character in season 2, only if captain cool’s unique playboy image (unique in the way that he values every woman, not treat them as just objects, but real human) did not steal the spotlight from captain Sam. make no mistake. I love Sam tong. esp when he gets all sweet for holiday. But he is so annoying. his airplane poem (ep8 of season 1), I will forever use against him.

He thinks he knows everything darn it.

I will go with season 2 anyday ♥
Thank God for Holiday who will not allow bully know-it-all Captains to ruin our day.

Ahhhh Triumph season 2 is better than season 1… tho i like the personality of zoe more than holiday… but as far as the love development is concerned, it’s still sam/holiday.

Bcuz u can see the bias of sam against holiday’s character, and he still fell for it. Whereas zoe is sweet and kind in every way, just as sam wants it to be, it is expected that they will be attracted with each other.

Holiday’s personality opposes everything about Sam and all that he is. Sam tried to use his reasoning against his own feelings, even becoming harsh towards holiday.

He is objective, yes, but he loses this objectivity when from the start he had a filtered vision of who holiday is. and he still loved her, just the why she is.

That’s why I think as a couple, it belonged to Sam and Holiday. And as a series, I would give it to Season 2.

Ps there’s no (girl-crush) summer and captain cool is season 1. Ha. So it’s a no-brainer for me. ‘2’ All the way!

Triumph in the Skies
Season 1 Sam and Zoe
Season 2 Sam and Holiday

The Philadelphia Story

Jack Lemmon and Rita Hayworth on the set of Fire Down Below, 1957.

Triumph in the Skies 2 // Right on Fung!